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Prices of business grade metal and used pipes

If you are the owner of such a scrap, then the best advice would be to begin to find out and measurewhat exactly you have in stock, for example, 20 meters, 30 I-beams, 40 meters of a corner of 125, etc. And it is believed that the buyer will not take long to wait. The main thing is to correctly determine the price depending on the state of the metal. The price can be set from 15 to 25 thousand Dollars per ton. The other option you have left is to hand over all the metal as scrap of ferrous metals.

How to deal with the process?

If you are the owner of the scrap collection facility then you probably know what to do with such a scrap because most likely, they have repeatedly sold such metal and you already have your regular customers. May be this is what that can make you famous for used scrap metals. If you want to purchase such scrap for the needs of your own construction, then you need to examine the ads marked “second-hand metal rolling” and call the nearest scrap metal collection points for the presence of such materials. It depends on many factors such as the state of the metal, the presence of welds, the length of the logs, the total weight, etc. The price of second-hand pipes may differ slightly and will largely depend on the demand for this or that position.

Luminous (LED) signs for the store

As a rule, at the base of the sign is a plastic or aluminum case, the front part is covered with acrylic glass. LEDs have many advantages compared to other lamps. They are characterized by high luminous efficiency and at the same time are very economical in energy consumption and therefore are considered more environmentally friendly. The cost of their production and maintenance is lower than neon signs.LED signs serve longer than any other lights. They are durable, resistant to external influences. When emitted, they emit little heat but they are safe. Images are clearly visible even during the day, unlike neon signs. Call the reputable signage company in Singapore to make your colorful signage today.

Conclusion: very simple

This perfect signage is more simple and easy to maintain and install because they have a lighter weight. Provide space for creativity you can highlight signs of various shapes, make a running line or changing texts, change color, etc.Composite signs are a modern trend that is becoming more and more popular. Very often, such signs are made for stores in shopping centers. The basis of the signboard is a composite material with high strength and low weight. Composite material is easy to handle (rolling, milling, gluing, welding), so that signs can be given almost any shape.


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