Essential Tips to buy in online stores

According to the study on the habits of Internet users, conducted by the Internet association, online shopping is the fifth most frequent activity of Internet users, since 20% of the activities carried out in the network is related to shopping.

These people buy several times a week and tend to have a steady job and higher education. They are used to buying online and use a range of tricks and tactics to achieve discounts of up to more than 50%. What are the tricks and tips of the most experienced digital buyers?

  1. Compare everything before buying

How can you tell if the desired item can be found cheaper in another store? Regular buyers use the price comparators before any purchase. Google Shopping is usually the most effective, because of the large variety of stores that it tracks and the calculation it makes regarding shipping costs. Advertise the price of the same item in all the stores you’ve traced. The trick is to order by total price (including shipping). Some stores add exorbitant shipping costs just before payment. From paloma online you will get the best deals now.

Tip: Google Shopping (and the other price comparators) does not guarantee that the stores in your database are 100% reliable. Many times the cheapest prices will be from smaller or unknown stores. You have to be especially careful before making a purchase.

  1. Make sure the store has a good reputation

How to know if a trade is legit so you do not have a bad experience? We all know examples of digital scams. A student of mine, for example, asked last year for a new iPhone in a small digital store that he did not know. The following week a package arrived with a brick inside and the store no longer appeared on the network to communicate with her. Before buying in an online store that you do not know, you have to investigate briefly to verify that it is legit:

  • Check if the web page has a modern design. Broken links or an outdated design is signs that this store is possibly accepting orders even if it does not work well at all.
  • Find the store in Ciao and make sure you have at least a rating of 4/5. If you have less than 10 opinions it is a new or little frequented store.
  • Search in Google by inserting the name of the store followed by “opinions” or “scam”. The results will inform you of opinions about the store from all parts of the web (forums, blogs). With this method you will know if there have been serious problems with that store in the past. If these investigations reveal complaints from buyers who have not received items or who have been late in arriving, it is better to use another one.

Tip: Repeat this process every year even if you are already familiar with the store. Then there are sites with an average rating of 5/5 that face economic problems, start losing orders, do not respond to emails, and so on. These cases can be detected thanks to the opinions of buyers in recent weeks.

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